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Myhealth Programme and Winter Campaign - NHS

The road shows are hosted by the Health connectors who can offer the following (copied from their email):

  • Giving out information and supporting leaflets regarding, the MyHealth Programme, Right Care, Right Place, A Parent/Guardians Guide to treating Common Childhood Conditions, online access for prescriptions and appointments

  • How to look after your self during the winter months but also in general

  • MyHealth programme, explaining what this is and inviting patients to book on a free workshops. Workshops available, Clinical - Diabetes Type2; COPD; and Childhood Asthma and Non-Clinical workshops such as Winter Wellness, British Red Cross training for Baby and Child and Summer Wellness.

  • Free Atrial Fibrillation (pulse check) and Blood Pressure Checks, testing they won’t need more than 30 seconds each to have the results for the assessment. If there is anyone tested with a high Atrial Fibrillation or High Blood Pressure will be adviced to make an appointment at their GP Surgery and provided information on what to do next

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
10:00am - 3:00pm
Processing Room
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Sue Moody